Perception and Interior Design: Exploring the Blue-Gold Dress Phenomenon

Perception and Interior Design: Exploring the Blue-Gold Dress Phenomenon

Do you know the “blue-gold dress phenomenon” that went viral on the internet in 2015? It was a photograph of a dress that was posted online, and viewers disagreed about the color of the dress. Some viewers saw the dress as blue and black, while others saw it as white and gold.

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the way our brains perceive color. Color perception is subjective and can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as lighting conditions and individual differences in color vision. In the case of the blue-gold dress, the lighting in the photograph made it difficult to determine the true color of the dress.

In addition, the way our brains interpret color information can also play a role. Our brains use a process called color constancy to adjust for changes in lighting conditions and other environmental factors. However, this process is not perfect and can sometimes lead to differences in color perception. Overall, the blue-gold dress phenomenon highlights the complexity of color perception and the role that individual differences and environmental factors can play in shaping our perception of color.

Similarly, Interior color choice is highly personal because it reflects an individual’s unique tastes, preferences, and personality. The colors we choose for our living spaces are often a reflection of our personal style and the way we want to feel in our home. For some people, bright and bold colors may be a reflection of their outgoing and energetic personality, while others may prefer more muted and calming tones to create a sense of relaxation and tranquility (Refer image below). Additionally, color can evoke emotions, which can influence our color choices.

Two designs demonstrating the emotional impact of varying color palettes in home décor.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong color or color palette. The most-popular colors or methods to choose colors provided by various experts are guidelines available for you. However, the utmost choice of how your home should look after color selection depends on you as an end user.

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